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Welcome to the WPTurbo roadmap page! Here, we are excited to share with you our journey and plans for the future.

This roadmap provides a glimpse into what we have in store for the coming months and years.

Note that we won’t necessarily follow everything in order. We will adjust our priorities based on the feedback from WPTurbo users.

Talking about feedback, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us better understand your needs and allows us to build a better product.

Step #1: WOrdPress Generator Madness ⚙️

Milestone shipped

WPTurbo started as a collection of WordPress code generators. Today, we offer 45 WordPress generators like:

Even if AI is great, we believe that using a good generator is faster than typing a 100+ words prompt. You’ll also get more control about each option.

Step #2: Work Smarter, Not Harder: WPTurbo AI is coming HERE 🤖

Milestone shipped

Goal: Get WordPress snippets in a few seconds and refine them to get what you want.

  • Chatbot only UI + copy, save and download features // See launch post
  • Chatbot + live editor UI , prompt suggestions, undo/redo feature // See launch post
  • Handle several files at once and save entire projects
  • Handle several languages (CSS, JS, HTML in addition to PHP)
  • Add a file explorer (to navigate across a file structure)
  • Add a chat history (to get previous requests)

See WPTurbo AI 2.0 launch post

Step #3: Never start a project from scratch anymore: Use Boilerplates to Do the Heavy Lifting 📝

Milestone shipped

Generating snippets with generators and/or AI is great but it’s not enough. We want your next plugin, theme or block idea get off the ground in no time with boilerplates.

You’ll be able to create projects that contains a file structure, add snippets to them thanks to WPTurbo AI and refine everything to get a working plugin or theme.

Step #4: Get better code snippets for specific plugins/themes with WPTurbo Integrations 🔌🎨

Milestone shipped ✅ (request new integrations here)

Let’s say you need snippets for WooCommerce, Elementor or Gravity Forms. WPTurbo AI will be useful to generate required code snippets but it may not follow their coding best practices.

That’s why we started to integrate WPTurbo AI with the most popular plugins and themes of the ecosystem. This way, you’ll be 100% sure that generated code snippets are up to date and efficient.

Step #5: Your best WordPress dev Pal will never let you down: WPTurbo Chat 🤓

Milestone shipped

Have a WordPress question? Looking for the right hook to extend a plugin? Need to check your code for security issues? No matter the situation, WPTurbo Chat will be your reliable sidekick, ready to provide the best solutions at every turn.

It’s not just a tool; it’s your ally, your mentor, your goto-guide in the complex world of WordPress development. Get ready to be challenged and learn a lot from it.

See WPTurbo Chat launch post

Step #6: Bring your snippets library everywhere: WPTurbo Code Snippets plugin 🛫

Under consideration 🤔

What if you could access your WPTurbo Snippet library on every WordPress site you build? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

For example you could deploy and sync your favorite WordPress code snippets on all your websites portfolio.

Need to refine a snippet? No problem. Edit it on WPTurbo and it will update on every linked website.

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