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Create a theme.json file for your next blockWordPress theme! Simply enter your theme options and the generator will create a valid theme.json file. With our theme.json generator, you can save time and avoid common mistakes when creating your theme.json file. Try it out now and take the first step towards getting your block WordPress theme…

WordPress Theme.json FAQ

What is theme.json in WordPress?

WordPress 5.8 introduced the theme. json file to configure theme styles and Gutenberg blocks settings. It lets theme developers to enable, disable and customize features.

For example, theme.json can define a color palette, gradients and typography settings.

The theme.son file is an essential part of a block WordPress theme.

What is a block WordPress theme?

A block WordPress theme is a theme that is designed to work with the block and site editor (Gutenberg).

They often include a variety of pre-designed blocks (called patterns) that can be easily inserted into a post or page to create a professional-looking layout.

One of the main benefits of using a block WordPress theme is that it allows users to create visually appealing and professional-looking content without the need for advanced coding skills nor a page builder like Elementor.

For example, WPTurbo uses Frost from Brian Gardner.

What is Full Site Editing in WordPress?

Full site editing (FSE) is a WordPress feature that allows users to edit and design the entire content and layout of their website using the block editor.

This includes the ability to customize the header, footer, and other global site elements, as well as the ability to create custom templates for specific pages, post types and taxonomies.

Full site editing is a relatively new feature in WordPress and is still in development. It’s a significant departure from the traditional WordPress workflow.

It is expected to greatly simplify the process of designing and customizing a WordPress website, making it easier for users to create professional-looking websites that meet their specific needs.

How to create a WordPress theme.json file?

To create a theme.json file, simply open a code editor, paste the code from our generator and place the file in the root folder of your WordPress theme.

You can check the official documentation and learn more about global settings and styles here to go further.

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