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Every WordPress Developer needs to Use this tool!
You are a WordPress Developer who codes or maybe a completely no-code developer…
I have a solution for all of YOU 😉

Ruhani Rabin (X / formerly Twitter)

If you’re not using @wp_turbo when you need to generate anything for your WordPress site from a Cron Job, theme.json, or @woocommerce checkout fields or many many more… you’re missing out!

Remkus de Vries (X / formerly Twitter)

Snippets Library

Combine WPTurbo generators, AI snippets and your personal WordPress snippets library to craft custom themes and plugins.

WPTurbo’s snippets library provide a centralized and organized space to store and manage all your code snippets (created by our generators, WPTurbo AI or your own snippets).

By storing all your frequently used WordPress code snippets in one place, you can maintain uniformity in your design and functionality. This means faster development cycles, reduced errors, and ultimately, a more professional and polished websites.

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This is one of the easiest ways to maintain and collect CPTs, post status, and other related stuff into an umbrella plugin for a specific site. You can collect your custom post types, metaboxes, shortcodes, and hooks. This can save time for both users and developers. For developers, they also included many components that can assist in building functional plugins for the admin backend. Just so you know, you can combine many things inside, once you have generated the starter plugin. That alone should reduce at least 3–5 installed plugins.

Ruhani Rabin (Product Hunt)

WPTurbo is my dream come true as a big WordPress fan.
It’s just magic that I’ve never even dreamed of before.
I am not proficient in writing code to customize WordPress for my needs, so, so far I have used many plugins from different developers to get the desired functionality.
Now that I am an active WPTurbo user, I just write what functionality I need, and the WPTurbo AI module writes error-free ready-made code for me, which I just need to put in any code snippets plugin or download the code as a plugin for installation on WordPress.

Ronie Randall (Product Hunt)


Elevate Your WordPress Development with Seamless Integrations!

Take your WP development experience to the next level by seamlessly integrating with key elements of the WordPress ecosystem. Say goodbye to manual coding hassles and hello to efficiency and precision.

WPTurbo has evolved, and so has its knowledge. Thanks to our integrations with WordPress developer documentation and Elementor docs, WPTurbo AI is now armed with the latest best practices. This means your generated code is not just efficient; it’s smart and future-proof.

Current integrations:

We understand that the WordPress ecosystem is vast, and your projects may rely on diverse themes and plugins. That’s why new integrations are coming. Imagine the possibilities when WPTurbo effortlessly syncs with the tools you love. Request upcoming integrations here.

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