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The callback function for this hook that will be called.
The type of hook that will be used.
Hook Desc: Fires before the trackback is added to a post.
Hook Desc: Filters the OPML outline link category name.
The number of arguments the function accepts.
The arguments that will be passed to the function. Comma separated.
The priority of the function.
                    function wpturbo_hook_callback_function($tb_id, $tb_url, $charset, $title, $excerpt, $blog_name){
    // Your code here.
add_action('pre_trackback_post', 'wpturbo_hook_callback_function', 10, 6);


What are hooks in WordPress?

In WordPress, hooks are connecting points that allow developers to customize and extend the behavior of WordPress without directly modifying the core. Themes and especially plugins are relying on hooks to work properly.

WordPress hooks are divided into two types: action hooks and filter hooks.

Action hooks are connecting points that allow developers to add additional content or functionality at various points in the WordPress code.

For example, a developer can use an action hook to add a contact form to the WordPress home page or to send an email when a user registers on a WordPress site.

Filter hooks are connecting points that allow developers to modify the content or data generated by WordPress before it is displayed on the site.

For instance, a developer can use a filter hook to add HTML tags to a page title before it is displayed on the site, or to replace one word with another in the content of a WordPress post.

In summary, hooks make WordPress highly flexible and allows developers to create unique and powerful websites without altering WordPress core.