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WPTurbo has just released an update with several improvements and bug fixes. Let’s dive in!

First, a subtle animation has been added when copying a snippet to make the action more evident.

In addition to that, opening PHP tags are now automatically added when copying wp-config.php, starter plugin, theme and plugin code.

Also, salt keys are no longer optional; they are auto generated by default for wp-config.php generator (it’s not an option anymore).

Among other things, we replaced define('ABSPATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/'); by define('ABSPATH', __DIR__ . '/'); for better performance.

We also changed get_template_directory_uri() for get_stylesheet_directory_uri() in register script & style when child theme support is activated.

We found some bugs, so several fixes were made:

  • disabling auto updates function wasn’t working properly in wp-config.php generator
  • there was a bug in the theme.json generator and only the first color/typography was taken into account if several colors/typos were created
  • also, some blog posts had quotes errors

Everything is back to normal right now. You can copy and paste safely.

Everybody on WPTurbo’s team wants to express our gratitude to users and followers for your feedback; its always helpful to get a look with fresh eyes.

We promise two generators and more updates coming soon. Meanwhile, to keep up-to-date, follow @wp_turbo and create a free account

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