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First thing, we want to start saying how grateful we are about our readers and users. It’s always significant getting feedback from you; it helps us enormously to make improvements. We are continuously working to give you the best solutions, and thanks to your comments we have made several overhauls.

So, without further ado, here are the latest updates WPTurbo has gotten.

code editor for Hook and custom snippet Generators

To begin, big thanks to Thomas for the observations and the report about a bug on the Custom Snippet generator. This generator and the Hook generator now have a code editor feature. 

Hook Generator's field to enter custom code (using a code editor).
The Hook Generator’s field that now lets you enter custom code

Speed up the block editor with our starter plugin

In addition, a new setting was included to the Starter Plugin generator.

It speeds up the block editor by loading core block assets only when they are rendered with this hook. A great tip shared on TikTok by @korben.

Other notable additions

We’ve also made several bug fixes including:

Lastly, we now check URL/URI fields to check if the input is a real URL:

URL/URI fields check if the input is a real URL

Many more updates and improvements are planned for February, including new features and bug fixes, always following WordPress best practices. So follow @wpturbo to get notified of all latest news, and register a free account to save your WP code snippets.

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