WPTurbo updates: November 2022 (Part 3)

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WPTurbo has been upgraded, and there are several new features that will make WordPress development a little bit faster.

First of all, generators now work in real time and updates are reflected live. As a result, the “Update code” button was removed.

For Theme.json, slugs are auto-generated from color, duotone, gradients, fonts and font sizes names. Additionally, a color picker has been added.

Remember that WPTurbo’s team is always open to feedback.

This time, thanks to Szymon’s idea, labels from Post type and Taxonomy generators are now auto-generated from singular and plural names.

We’re grateful for Alain’s feedback, too; the show_in_rest was mistakenly set to “false” in the post type and taxonomy generators. It’s now set to “true” in order to enable Gutenberg editor.

Another improvement is that rest_base and rest_controller_class are auto-generated from post type and taxonomy keys.

Welcome to the WP_User_Query generator

Finally, we are introducing the WP_User_Query generator. So if you need to query WordPress users, we got you covered.

In the coming weeks, more content will be added to WPTurbo to improve the overall experience. Follow us @wpturbo to keep up with the latest new, and register for a free account.

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