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WPTurbo just keeps getting better and better!  We’ve made some improvements you won’t want to miss out. We have added a new generator and some other very nice features. We also availed from the update to fix some bugs.

So let’s get right in! Among the upgrades you will find is a new field for snippet description, so they’ll have more context to better understand their purpose. 

In addition, the wp-config.php generator now lets you add the CORE_UPGRADE_SKIP_NEW_BUNDLED constant to disable default themes and plugins installation during upgrades. We’ve also found that here’s no reason to link a new post type to another post type’s taxonomy, so we disabled the category taxonomy linking in the custom post type generator, too.

On top of that, we’re introducing a new amazing generator; the Child Theme generator. Just enter the site URL and it will create a child theme in seconds for you to customise WordPress easily.

EDIT: On January 23rd, we updated the child theme generator so you can input an URL of a WordPress website, a theme folder (for local websites) and every parameter (theme name, slug, description…) if you need a custom child theme.

Thanks to Florence, three bugs were fixed, including:

Finally, if you like our tools, it is now easier to share WPTurbo and its tools using the “Click to tweet” tab you can find at the end of each generator. Don’t be shy to use it!

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