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Are you using BuddyPress on your WordPress site and want to customize the "Follow Me" button text? BuddyPress offers great social networking features, but sometimes you might want to change the default text of the follow button to better suit your needs or branding. In this article, we’ll explain how you can easily change the "Follow Me" button text in BuddyPress with just a few simple steps. Let’s dive in and make your BuddyPress experience more tailored to your site.

					function wpturbo_change_follow_button_text( $translated, $text, $domain ) {
    if ( 'buddypress' === $domain && 'Follow' === $text ) {
        $translated = __( 'Your custom button text goes here', 'wpturbo' );
    return $translated;
add_filter( 'gettext', 'wpturbo_change_follow_button_text', 20, 3 );

The code snippet above demonstrates how to change the text label for the "Follow" button in BuddyPress. By default, the BuddyPress plugin uses the text "Follow" for its follow button, but you may want to customize this text to better suit your website or branding.

The code snippet uses a function called wpturbo_change_follow_button_text to modify the button text. This function takes three parameters: $translated, $text, and $domain.

Within the function, there is a condition that checks if the domain is "buddypress" and if the text is "Follow". If both conditions are met, the variable $translated is updated to store the new button text. In this example, the new text is "Your custom button text goes here".

To apply the changes, we need to use the add_filter function. This function hooks the wpturbo_change_follow_button_text function to the gettext filter.

The gettext filter is responsible for translating strings in WordPress, including those in the BuddyPress plugin. By hooking into this filter, we can modify the translation of the "Follow" button text, effectively changing it to our custom text.

The add_filter function takes four parameters: the filter name, the name of the function to be hooked, the priority of the filter, and the number of parameters that the function accepts. In this case, we use a priority of 20 and accept three parameters.

Once the filter is added, WordPress will call the wpturbo_change_follow_button_text function when it encounters the "Follow" text from the BuddyPress plugin. The function will then return the new text, which will be displayed on the button instead.

By modifying the $translated variable within the function, you can easily change the button text to any custom text of your choice. This allows you to personalize the user experience and tailor the BuddyPress functionality to better suit your needs.

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