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WordPress is a powerful platform for website development, and one of its most useful features is its ability to create custom admin pages. These pages can be used to manage settings, options, and other features of a website. One important function that is frequently used in creating custom admin pages is the get_admin_page_title() function.

The get_admin_page_title() function is a built-in WordPress function that returns the title of the current admin page. This function is typically used to display the title of the current admin page in the header of the page, so that users can easily see what page they are on.

The get_admin_page_title() function does not take any parameters, and simply returns the title of the current admin page as a string.

Here is an example usage code for the get_admin_page_title() function:

function my_custom_admin_page() {
    $title = get_admin_page_title();
    echo '<h1>' . $title . '</h1>';

add_action( 'admin_head', 'my_custom_admin_page' );

In this example, we have created a custom admin page using the WordPress add_action() function. In the function my_custom_admin_page(), we call get_admin_page_title() to get the title of the current admin page, and then we use echo to display that title in an H1 tag in the header of the page.

Overall, the get_admin_page_title() function is an important tool for creating custom WordPress admin pages, and is a key part of the WordPress platform’s flexibility and power.

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