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We are excited to announce the release of the updated WPTurbo AI.

The improvements we’ve made are aimed at enhancing your experience, making it faster and more efficient.

Here are the newest features/updates.

A complete code rewrite

We’ve rewritten the entire codebase, transforming WPTurbo AI into a true app.

This will not only streamline our future developments but also make the app five times faster! The switch from PHP to NodeJS has been instrumental in achieving this speed boost.

The new WPTurbo AI

User Interface Improvements

The WPTurbo AI interface has undergone a nice facelift. We’ve added a ‘New Chat’ button (thanks Kevin for the feedback), eliminating the need to refresh the page for creating new snippet.

We’ve also integrated projects and boilerplates right into the app for quick and easy use.

WPTurbo AI Settings

In our quest to give you the best results, we’ve added the option to specify your OpenAI API key.

This will allow you to leverage the power of GPT 4 to generate your WordPress code snippets.

Plus, you can now delete previous chat sessions for a cleaner workspace.

We believe that these updates will significantly improve your WordPress development process, making it more efficient, faster, and more enjoyable.

If you haven’t yet tried WPTurbo, there’s never been a better time. Create your free account now and start experiencing the future of WordPress development.

And don’t forget to follow us on X/Twitter @WP_Turbo to stay updated on our latest news and updates.

Happy coding!

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