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We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing update to WPTurbo!

In our continuous pursuit of making WordPress development quicker and easier, we have added a new feature – Boilerplates for WordPress Plugins and Themes!

This new addition aims to significantly streamline your development process and get your projects off the ground faster than ever.

Here’s what this new feature update brings to the table.

Meet WPTurbo Boilerplates

Creating a new project using WPTurbo AI can be time consuming. Especially if it needs a lot of files.

Now, you can jump-start your WordPress development projects with pre-configured boilerplates.

These tailored templates provide a reliable and efficient starting point, saving you countless minutes of initial setup and configuration (and using the WordPress best practices).

For each boilerplate available, you can clone it as a project right away or customize it with the project data.

Then, you can edit your project the way you want with WPTurbo AI or with your favorite code editor (just download the project to do so).

For now, 3 WordPress boilerplates are available:

  • Block theme
  • Classic theme
  • Simple plugin (one file)

We believe that this new feature will make you more productive while building WordPress plugins/themes.

We can’t wait to see the amazing projects you’ll create with it!

Share your boilerplates 💛

If you’re already using boilerplates for your theme/plugins projects and want to share them with the WPTurbo community, you can!

Just go to any project settings and click the Submit as boilerplate button.

If we find it useful, we will make it available to all users! 😃

Whatever the case, you can still use it as a default project for your personal use.

Other noticeable fixes/updates

To conclude this post update, here is a quick recap of what’s new in WPTurbo.

  • Too many WPTurbo AI tabs bug: we added a scrollbar to browse tabs with ease
  • Dashboard UX: We updated the dashboard content and labels to provide a cleaner experience.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Let us know your thoughts on boilerplates in the comments below.

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