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The WordPress hook "style_loader_src" is used to modify the source (URL) of a stylesheet that is being loaded on a WordPress website.

When a WordPress theme or plugin enqueues a stylesheet, the style_loader_src hook allows developers to intercept and modify the source URL before it is used to load the stylesheet. This can be useful in various scenarios, such as changing the URL to load a customized version of a stylesheet or dynamically generating the URL based on certain conditions.

By utilizing this hook, developers can have more control over the loading process of stylesheets in WordPress and customize it based on their specific needs.

Example usage code:

function my_custom_style_loader_src($src, $handle) {
    // Modify the source URL for a specific stylesheet handle
    if ($handle === 'my-custom-stylesheet') {
        $src = '';

    return $src;
add_filter('style_loader_src', 'my_custom_style_loader_src', 10, 2);

In the example above, we have a function named "my_custom_style_loader_src" that takes two parameters: $src (the original source URL of the stylesheet) and $handle (the handle/name of the stylesheet). Inside the function, we check if the stylesheet handle matches our target handle, ‘my-custom-stylesheet’. If it does, we modify the $src variable to point to a custom URL, in this case, ‘‘. Finally, we return the modified $src.

By adding this function as a filter using the add_filter() function, with the ‘style_loader_src’ hook, we ensure that whenever the ‘my-custom-stylesheet’ stylesheet is enqueued, its source URL will be replaced with our custom URL.

This way, developers can effortlessly customize the source URL of specific stylesheets in WordPress, providing flexibility and control over the appearance of their website.

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