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The "registration_redirect" hook in WordPress is a powerful tool that allows developers to modify the default behavior of the user registration process. When a user completes the registration form on a WordPress site, this hook is triggered just before they are redirected to the default registration confirmation page.

By utilizing the "registration_redirect" hook, developers can change the default redirection behavior and redirect users to a different page or perform any custom action. This hook is particularly useful when you want to provide a personalized user experience after registration, such as redirecting users to a custom welcome page, displaying a thank you message, or even sending them to a specific section of your website.

To use the "registration_redirect" hook, you need to add a callback function to it. This function will be executed when the hook is triggered. Here’s an example usage code:

function custom_registration_redirect() {
    // Perform any custom logic here
    // Redirect the user to a custom page
    wp_redirect( home_url( '/custom-welcome-page' ) );

add_filter( 'registration_redirect', 'custom_registration_redirect' );

In this example, the callback function "custom_registration_redirect" is added to the "registration_redirect" hook using the "add_filter" function. Inside the function, you can write your own custom logic, such as checking user data, validating fields, or performing any necessary actions. Finally, the function redirects the user to a custom welcome page using the wp_redirect() function.

By leveraging the "registration_redirect" hook and creating custom functionality, you can enhance the user registration experience on your WordPress site and tailor it to fit your specific needs.

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