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The WordPress hook "media_view_settings" is a versatile hook that allows developers to modify the settings for the media view in the WordPress admin area. It is used to customize the behavior and appearance of the media library, including the media modal, the media grid, and the media uploader.

When this hook is triggered, it provides developers with a way to add or modify settings for the media view. These settings can include options such as the allowed file types, the maximum file size, the number of columns in the media grid, and more. By modifying these settings, developers can tailor the media view to suit their specific needs or the needs of their clients.

One common use case for the "media_view_settings" hook is to restrict the types of files that can be uploaded to the media library. For example, a developer might want to limit uploads to only images and PDFs. They can achieve this by hooking into "media_view_settings" and modifying the "mimeTypes" setting accordingly.

Here is an example usage code that demonstrates how to use the "media_view_settings" hook to limit the allowed file types to images and PDFs:

function restrict_allowed_file_types( $settings ) {
    // Add allowed file types
    $settings['mimeTypes'] = array(

    return $settings;
add_filter( 'media_view_settings', 'restrict_allowed_file_types' );

In the example above, the function "restrict_allowed_file_types" is hooked into "media_view_settings" using the "add_filter" function. Within this function, the "mimeTypes" setting in the $settings array is modified to include only the desired file types. The updated $settings array is then returned to apply the changes.

By using the "media_view_settings" hook, developers have the power to customize the media view in WordPress, providing a tailored and efficient media management experience for themselves or their clients.

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