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The comment_text hook is a WordPress filter that allows developers to modify the content of a comment before it’s displayed on the website. This hook is particularly useful for customizing the look and feel of comment sections on WordPress sites.

When a user submits a comment on a WordPress site, the comment is stored in the database as raw text. The comment_text filter allows developers to modify this text before it’s displayed, which means they can add custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to the comment section.

Some common use cases for the comment_text hook include adding social media sharing buttons to comments, enabling rich text formatting for comments, or filtering out spam comments before they’re displayed.

Here is an example of how you can use the comment_text hook to add a custom message to the end of each comment:

function add_custom_comment_text( $comment_text ) {
  $custom_message = '<p>Thanks for leaving a comment! We appreciate your feedback.</p>';
  return $comment_text . $custom_message;
add_filter( 'comment_text', 'add_custom_comment_text' );

In this example, the add_custom_comment_text function adds a custom message to the end of each comment. The function then returns the modified comment text, which is passed back to the comment_text filter and displayed on the website.

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