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The comment_form_before_fields hook is a WordPress action hook that allows developers to add content just before the comment form fields. This hook is useful for customizing the comment form and adding additional fields or content.

The comment_form_before_fields hook is commonly used to add custom form fields or to display a message to users before they begin adding their comments. Developers can use this hook to add custom HTML, text, or other content to the comment form.

Here’s an example usage code for the comment_form_before_fields hook:

function custom_comment_form_before_fields() {
    // Add a custom message before the comment form fields.
    echo '<p>Leave a comment to share your thoughts!</p>';
add_action( 'comment_form_before_fields', 'custom_comment_form_before_fields' );

In this example, we’ve created a function called custom_comment_form_before_fields that adds a custom message before the comment form fields. We then use the add_action function to hook our custom function to the comment_form_before_fields action hook.

By using the comment_form_before_fields hook, we can customize the comment form and add additional content to enhance the user experience.

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