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The admin_footer_text hook is a WordPress filter that allows developers to add custom content to the footer of the WordPress admin area. This hook is useful if you want to display additional information or links to your users on every admin page.

By default, the admin footer text displays the WordPress version and the name of the current theme. However, with the admin_footer_text hook, you can replace or add to this content.

Here’s an example usage code for the admin_footer_text hook:

function custom_admin_footer() {
    echo 'Copyright © 2021 My Site. All rights reserved.';
add_filter( 'admin_footer_text', 'custom_admin_footer' );

This code will replace the default footer text with a copyright notice for "My Site". You can customize the text to display anything you want, such as a link to your website or a message for your users.

Remember that the admin_footer_text hook should be used in conjunction with the add_filter function, which registers your custom content to the hook.

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