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Create a standard code header for your next WordPress plugin, including the plugin name, version, license, and other important information like the text domain. Streamline your development process and save time and effort. Use this generator to create robust and professional WordPress plugin headers, so you can focus on developing your plugin.

The name of your WordPress plugin.
The URL for your plugin where people can learn more about it.
Name of this plugin’s author.
The plugin author’s URL.
Describe your plugin’s main features.
The current version of your plugin.
Minimum WordPress version your plugin requires.
Minimum PHP version your plugin requires.
The license your plugin is released under.
The license URI.
The text domain of your plugin. This is used for localization.
The path to your plugin’s translation files.
The URI where your plugin updates from.
* Plugin Name:       My Awesome Plugin
* Plugin URI:
* Version:           1.0
* Author:            WPTurbo
* Author URI:
* Text Domain:       wpturbo

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