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Function Name: wp_upload_bits

Explanation: The wp_upload_bits function is a powerful WordPress function that allows users to upload a file and create a new file in the media library. It takes care of handling the file upload process, storing the file securely on the server, and generating the necessary metadata for the uploaded file.

This function accepts three parameters: the file name, the destination directory, and optional data about the file. The file name can be the name of the file on the user’s local machine or a custom name. The destination directory specifies where the file should be stored within the WordPress uploads directory. The optional data parameter can include additional information about the file, such as its MIME type.

The wp_upload_bits function returns an array containing the file path and URL of the newly uploaded file. This information is useful for further processing or displaying the uploaded file on the website.

Example Usage:

$file_name = $_FILES['file']['name'];
$destination_directory = wp_upload_dir()['path'];

$file_data = [
    'name'     => $file_name,
    'type'     => $_FILES['file']['type'],
    'tmp_name' => $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'],
    'error'    => $_FILES['file']['error'],
    'size'     => $_FILES['file']['size'],

$uploaded_file = wp_upload_bits($file_name, null, $file_data);

if ($uploaded_file['error']) {
    echo 'File upload failed: ' . $uploaded_file['error'];
} else {
    echo 'File uploaded successfully! Path: ' . $uploaded_file['file'];

In the above example, we retrieve the name and temporary location of the uploaded file from the $_FILES superglobal. We then define the destination directory using the wp_upload_dir function, which returns an array containing the path and URL of the uploads directory. We create an array with the necessary file data and pass it to the wp_upload_bits function, along with the file name and null for the destination directory since we want to use the default one. Finally, we check if there were any errors during the upload process and display a success or error message accordingly.

The wp_upload_bits function simplifies the file upload process in WordPress, allowing developers to easily handle file uploads and integrate them into their websites or applications.

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