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Function Name: wp_set_post_tags

WordPress Version: 2.3.0

Description: The wp_set_post_tags function is used to set or update the tags associated with a specific post in WordPress. Tags are a way of categorizing and organizing content on a website. This function allows you to assign or modify the tags for a particular post.

Parameters: The wp_set_post_tags function takes two parameters:

  1. $post_id (integer) – The ID of the post for which tags need to be set or updated.
  2. $tags (string|array) – The tags to be assigned to the post. You can provide tags as a comma-separated string or as an array of tag names.

Return Value: The function returns a boolean value true if the tags are successfully set or updated, and false if there is an error.

Usage: Here’s an example of how you can use the wp_set_post_tags function to assign tags to a post with ID 123:

$tags = 'WordPress, web development, coding';
$post_id = 123;

$result = wp_set_post_tags($post_id, $tags);

if ($result) {
  echo 'Tags successfully assigned!';
} else {
  echo 'Failed to update tags.';

In the above example, we pass the post ID (123) and the tags as a comma-separated string to the wp_set_post_tags function. The function will then assign these tags to the specified post. If the function returns true, it means the tags were successfully set, and we display a success message. If the return value is false, it indicates that there was an error in updating the tags, and we display a failure message.

Note: If you want to append new tags to the existing ones for a post, you can use the wp_get_post_tags function to retrieve the existing tags, modify the array, and then use wp_set_post_tags to update the tags.

Overall, the wp_set_post_tags function is a useful tool for managing and organizing tags associated with WordPress posts, helping to improve the categorization and discoverability of content on your website.

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