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The WordPress function wp_registration_url is used to retrieve the URL of the user registration page on a WordPress website. It returns the URL as a string.

The wp_registration_url function is particularly useful for developers who want to provide a direct link to the user registration page in their custom templates, plugins, or themes. By using this function, developers can ensure that the link always points to the correct registration page, regardless of the site’s permalink structure.

Here’s an example usage of the wp_registration_url function:

<a href="<?php echo wp_registration_url(); ?>">Register</a>

In this example, the function is used within an anchor tag to create a link to the user registration page. The function wp_registration_url is called without any arguments, which means it will retrieve the URL of the default user registration page. The resulting URL is then echoed within the href attribute of the anchor tag.

By using this code, visitors to the website can easily navigate to the user registration page by clicking on the "Register" link.

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