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Function Name: wp_read_image_metadata

Explanation: The wp_read_image_metadata function is an essential WordPress function that is used to extract metadata from an image file. It reads the metadata of an image file and returns an array containing various information about the image, such as dimensions, color profiles, orientation, and more. This function is primarily used in WordPress when uploading and handling images to gather important details about the image.

Example Usage Code:

$image_path = '/path/to/image/file.jpg';
$image_metadata = wp_read_image_metadata( $image_path );

In the example above, we have a variable $image_path that stores the file path of the image we want to extract metadata from. By calling wp_read_image_metadata and passing the $image_path as an argument, we can retrieve the metadata of the image. The returned value, $image_metadata, will contain an array with all the extracted information, allowing us to further process or display the image details in our WordPress application.

It’s important to note that this function relies on the PHP GD extension to be enabled on the server for proper functioning. If GD extension is not available, the function may not work as expected.

Overall, wp_read_image_metadata is a powerful WordPress function that simplifies the process of accessing image metadata, enhancing the capabilities of developers and allowing them to efficiently handle images within their WordPress projects.

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