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WordPress provides a function called "wp_login_form" that allows developers to easily add a login form to any page on their website. This function generates the HTML code for a login form, so developers don’t have to write the code from scratch.

The "wp_login_form" function takes a few parameters, such as the redirect URL and the form ID, but all of them are optional. By default, the function generates a login form with a username or email field and a password field, along with a "Remember Me" checkbox and a "Lost your password?" link.

This function is especially useful for websites that require user authentication, such as membership sites, online stores, or forums. By including a login form on their pages, developers can make it easy for users to sign in and access their accounts.

Here’s an example usage code:

  // display the login form with default settings

This code will generate a login form with default settings, which can be styled using CSS to fit in with the rest of the website’s design.

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