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Function Name: wp_is_post_revision

Description: The wp_is_post_revision function is a built-in WordPress function that checks whether a given post ID is a revision or not. It returns true if the post is a revision, and false if it is not.

Usage: This function is primarily used in WordPress development when you need to perform specific actions or apply certain logic only on actual posts, excluding revisions. It helps you determine whether a post is a revision or not, allowing you to handle them differently if needed.

Example Usage Code:

$post_id = 123; // Replace with the ID of the post you want to check

if (wp_is_post_revision($post_id)) {
    // Post is a revision
    echo "This is a revision.";
} else {
    // Post is not a revision
    echo "This is not a revision.";

In the above code snippet, we set the $post_id variable to the ID of the post we want to check. Then, we use the wp_is_post_revision function to determine whether the post is a revision or not. If it is a revision, we echo "This is a revision." Otherwise, we echo "This is not a revision."

This function is handy when you want to perform specific operations on actual posts and exclude revisions from those operations. It allows for more control and flexibility when working with post data in WordPress.

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