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Function Name: wp_get_nav_menu_object


The wp_get_nav_menu_object function is a WordPress function that retrieves a navigation menu object by its name or location. It returns an object that contains the details of the specified menu.

This function is commonly used in WordPress themes or plugins to dynamically retrieve the details of a specific navigation menu and perform actions based on that information. It allows developers to access menu properties such as the menu name, menu location, description, and other metadata associated with the menu.

The wp_get_nav_menu_object function takes a single parameter, which can be either the name or the location of the navigation menu. If a menu with the specified name or location is found, the function returns an object representing the menu. If no menu is found, it returns null.

Example Usage:

// Retrieve the primary navigation menu object
$primaryMenu = wp_get_nav_menu_object('primary');

// Check if the menu exists
if ($primaryMenu) {
    // Get the menu name
    $menuName = $primaryMenu->name;

    // Get the menu location
    $menuLocation = $primaryMenu->location;

    // Output the menu name and location
    echo "Menu Name: " . $menuName;
    echo "Menu Location: " . $menuLocation;
} else {
    echo "No primary menu found.";

In the example above, the wp_get_nav_menu_object function is used to retrieve the object representing the primary navigation menu. If the menu exists, its name and location are accessed from the returned object and displayed. If the menu does not exist, a message stating that no primary menu was found is displayed.

This function provides a convenient way to dynamically retrieve and work with navigation menus in WordPress themes or plugins, allowing developers to create custom functionality based on specific menu properties.

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