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The wp_die function in WordPress is used to display an error message and stop the execution of the script. It is commonly used for displaying error messages or debugging information when something goes wrong on a WordPress website.

The function takes two parameters: message and title. The message parameter is used to display the error message that needs to be shown to the user, and the title parameter is used to set the title of the error message window.

The wp_die function is an important function for WordPress developers, as it allows them to quickly debug issues with their code and display error messages to users in a clean and organized manner.

Example Usage Code:

if ( ! function_exists( 'my_function' ) ) {
    wp_die( 'The my_function() function does not exist.' );

In this example, the wp_die function is used to display an error message when the my_function() function is not defined. When the function is called and it doesn’t exist, the wp_die function will display the message "The my_function() function does not exist." in a pop-up window, and stop the script from executing any further.

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