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The switch_theme function in WordPress is used to change the current theme of a website. It allows website administrators to quickly and easily switch between different themes without manually updating the website’s code or files.

When a new theme is activated, the switch_theme function deactivates the current theme and activates the new one. It also updates the database to reflect the change in active theme, and runs any necessary setup or initialization code for the new theme.

Here is an example usage of the switch_theme function:

switch_theme( 'my-new-theme' );

In this example, the ‘my-new-theme’ parameter specifies the name of the theme to be activated. When this function is called, the current theme will be deactivated and the ‘my-new-theme’ theme will be activated in its place. Any necessary database updates and theme setup code will also be run.

Overall, the switch_theme function is a powerful tool for website administrators who want to change the look and feel of their website without having to manually update code or files.

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