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Function Name: strip_shortcodes

Explanation: The strip_shortcodes function is a WordPress function that removes all shortcodes from a given content string. Shortcodes are special tags used in WordPress to execute specific functions or display dynamic content within posts, pages, or widgets.

When a shortcode is used in the content, it is typically replaced with its corresponding output. However, there may be cases where we want to remove the shortcodes altogether and display the content without any shortcode processing. This is where the strip_shortcodes function comes in handy.

The function takes a single parameter: $content, which represents the content string from which we want to remove the shortcodes. It searches for any registered shortcodes within the content and removes them, leaving behind the remaining content.

Usage Example:

$content = '[gallery ids="1,2,3"] Hello, this is a sample text with a shortcode.';
$stripped_content = strip_shortcodes($content);
echo $stripped_content;

In the above example, we have a content string that includes a shortcode for a gallery with three image IDs. By using the strip_shortcodes function, we remove the [gallery ids="1,2,3"] shortcode from the content and store the resulting string in the variable $stripped_content. Finally, we echo the stripped content, which will output: "Hello, this is a sample text with a shortcode."

Note that the function only removes the shortcode tags and does not affect any other HTML, text, or formatting present in the content.

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