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Function Name: single_cat_title

Explanation: The single_cat_title function is a WordPress function that is used to display or retrieve the title of the current category page. It returns the title of the category as a string and is typically used within category templates to dynamically generate the title.

This function is especially useful when you want to display the title of a specific category on a category archive page, or when you want to include the category title in the title tag of the page for SEO purposes.

Usage Example: Let’s say you have a category archive page for the "News" category, and you want to display the category title at the top of the page. Here’s an example code snippet that demonstrates the usage of the single_cat_title function:

<h1><?php single_cat_title(); ?></h1>

In the above example, the single_cat_title function is called within an HTML heading element (h1) which will output the title of the current category page, in this case, "News".

Note that by default, the single_cat_title function will output the title directly to the browser. If you want to store the title in a variable for further manipulation or use, you can pass false as a second parameter to the function like this:

$category_title = single_cat_title('', false);

This will return the category title as a string and assign it to the $category_title variable. You can then use this variable elsewhere in your template as needed.

In conclusion, the single_cat_title function is a handy tool for retrieving and displaying the title of the current category page in WordPress. Whether you need to show the category title on the frontend or use it in the backend for various purposes, this function simplifies the process.

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