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Function Name: set_query_var

Explanation: The set_query_var function is a powerful WordPress function that allows developers to easily set custom query variables in the current URL query. Query variables are essentially key-value pairs that are used to filter and retrieve specific data from the database.

This function is commonly used in situations where you need to modify the default query parameters or add custom parameters to the URL query. By calling set_query_var, you can dynamically set the value of a specific query variable, which will then be used by WordPress to generate the appropriate database query.

Usage: To use the set_query_var function, you simply need to provide the name of the query variable as the first argument, and the desired value as the second argument. Let’s say we want to set a custom query variable called "color" with a value of "blue". Here’s an example code snippet that demonstrates how to use the set_query_var function:

set_query_var('color', 'blue');

In this example, we are setting the query variable "color" to the value "blue". Once this function is called, WordPress will recognize the "color" query variable in the current URL query and use it to filter the database query accordingly.

It’s important to note that the set_query_var function does not modify the actual URL query itself. Instead, it sets the query variables within the WordPress environment, allowing you to customize the data retrieval process.

Overall, the set_query_var function is a handy tool when it comes to manipulating query variables in WordPress. It provides developers with flexibility and control over the data they retrieve from the database, ultimately enhancing the functionality and customization options of a WordPress website.

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