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WordPress Function: remove_query_arg()

Explanation: The remove_query_arg() function is a powerful tool in WordPress that allows developers to easily remove a specific query parameter from a given URL. Query parameters are the key-value pairs that appear after the "?" in a URL. These parameters are commonly used for passing data between pages or for filtering and sorting content.

By using the remove_query_arg() function, developers can modify URLs dynamically and remove unnecessary query parameters. This is particularly useful when building custom search functionality, pagination, or any feature that relies on query parameters.

The remove_query_arg() function takes two parameters: the first one is the query parameter name that needs to be removed, and the second one is the URL from which the query parameter should be removed. It returns the modified URL without the specified query parameter.

Example Usage: Let’s say we have a URL like this: "". We want to remove the "page" query parameter from this URL. We can achieve this using the remove_query_arg() function like so:

$original_url = ""; $modified_url = remove_query_arg(‘page’, $original_url);

The $modified_url variable will now contain: "".

This example demonstrates how remove_query_arg() can be used to remove a specific query parameter from a URL, allowing developers to manipulate and customize URLs based on their specific needs.

In conclusion, the remove_query_arg() function is an essential WordPress function for efficiently removing query parameters from URLs, providing developers with greater control over their websites’ functionality and user experience.

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