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Function Name: number_format_i18n

WordPress is a global platform, and it is essential to have functions that can handle numbers in different formats based on the user’s language and location. The number_format_i18n function is a WordPress core function that helps developers format numbers in a locale-specific manner.

This function takes a number as input and returns a formatted number in the locale-specific format. The resulting format of the number will depend on the locale set in WordPress. For example, in the US, the number format is 1,234.56, while in France, the same number would be written as 1 234,56.

Here is an example usage code:

$number = 12345.678;

$formatted_number = number_format_i18n( $number );

echo $formatted_number; // Output: 12,345.678 (if the locale is set to the US)

In the above example, we pass the $number variable to the number_format_i18n() function. If the locale is set to the US, the output will be 12,345.678. If the locale is set to France, the output will be 12 345,678.

Developers can use the number_format_i18n function to format numbers in a locale-specific manner, which is essential for creating websites that cater to a global audience.

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