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Function Name: is_category

Explanation: The is_category() function in WordPress is a conditional tag that checks if the current page being displayed is a category archive page. It returns true if the page is a category archive, and false if it is not.

When building a WordPress theme or plugin, the is_category() function can be used to conditionally display certain content or apply specific styles only on category archive pages. This can be helpful when you want to customize the appearance or functionality of your website based on the category being viewed.

Example Usage:

if ( is_category() ) {
    echo "This is a category archive page.";
} else {
    echo "This is not a category archive page.";

In the example above, the is_category() function is used within an if-else statement to determine if the current page is a category archive. If it is, the message "This is a category archive page." will be displayed; otherwise, the message "This is not a category archive page." will be displayed.

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