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Function Name: is_author

Description: The is_author function is a conditional tag in WordPress that checks if the current page or post being displayed belongs to a specific author. It returns true if the author of the post/page matches the specified author ID or username, and false otherwise.

Usage: The is_author function is commonly used in WordPress theme development to conditionally display content based on the author of the current post or page. This can be useful in creating customized author archive pages or displaying author-specific content within the loop.

Example Usage Code:

if ( is_author( 'john_doe' ) ) {
    // Display specific content for the author 'john_doe'
    echo 'Welcome, John Doe!';
} else {
    // Display default content for other authors
    echo 'Welcome, Guest!';

In the example above, the is_author function is used to check if the current page belongs to the author with the username ‘john_doe’. If true, it displays a personalized welcome message for John Doe. If the current page does not belong to John Doe, it displays a default welcome message for other authors or guests.

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