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Function Name: has_term

Explanation: The has_term function in WordPress is used to check if a specific term or taxonomy exists for a given post or object. It allows you to determine if a post or object has been assigned a specific term from a specific taxonomy.

This function takes three parameters: the term slug or ID, the taxonomy name, and the object ID or post object. It returns true if the specified term exists for the given post or object, and false otherwise.

Usage Example: Let’s say we have a custom post type called "Books" and a custom taxonomy called "Genre" which is used to categorize the books into different genres. We want to check if a book with the ID 123 has been assigned the term "Fantasy" from the "Genre" taxonomy. Here’s how we can use the has_term function to achieve this:

if ( has_term( 'fantasy', 'genre', 123 ) ) {
    echo "This book is categorized as Fantasy.";
} else {
    echo "This book is not categorized as Fantasy.";

In this example, the has_term function checks if the term with the slug "fantasy" exists in the "genre" taxonomy for the book with the ID 123. If it does, the message "This book is categorized as Fantasy." will be displayed; otherwise, the message "This book is not categorized as Fantasy." will be displayed.

Remember to replace ‘fantasy’, ‘genre’, and 123 with the actual term slug or ID, taxonomy name, and object ID respectively based on your own requirements.

This function is especially useful when you need to conditionally display content based on the presence or absence of specific terms for a post or object in WordPress.

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