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Function Name: has_tag

Explanation: The has_tag function in WordPress is used to check if a post has a specific tag assigned to it. This function takes the tag name or ID as a parameter and returns a boolean value (true or false) indicating whether the post has that tag or not.

This function is particularly useful when you want to conditionally display content based on the presence of a certain tag. For example, you may have a custom template that only displays featured posts if they have the "featured" tag assigned to them. By using the has_tag function, you can easily determine if a post has this tag and adjust the display accordingly.

Example Usage: Let’s say you have a blog where you want to display a special badge next to posts that are tagged as "popular". You can use the has_tag function to check if a post has the "popular" tag and then add the badge to the post if it does.

if (has_tag('popular')) {
    echo '<span class="badge">Popular</span>';

In the above example, the has_tag function is used to check if the current post has the tag "popular". If it does, the code inside the if statement is executed, which adds the "Popular" badge to the post.

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