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Function Name: get_cat_ID

If you’re working with WordPress and need to get the ID of a specific category, the get_cat_ID() function is your go-to.

This function retrieves the ID of a category based on the name of the category. It is particularly useful when you want to use the ID of a category in another function or piece of code.

This function takes one parameter, which is the name of the category you want to retrieve the ID for. If the category exists, the function will return the ID of the category. If it does not exist, the function will return zero.

Here’s an example of how you can use the get_cat_ID() function:

Let’s say you want to display all posts from a category called "Technology". You can use the get_cat_ID() function to retrieve the ID of the category, and then use that ID in another function to display the posts.

$category_id = get_cat_ID(‘Technology’); $posts = get_posts(‘category=’.$category_id);

In the example above, the $category_id variable will contain the ID of the "Technology" category. You can then pass this variable to the get_posts() function to retrieve all posts that are in that category.

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