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Function Name: get_blog_details

If you’re working with WordPress multisite installations, the get_blog_details() function can be extremely useful.

This function retrieves information about a specific site within a multi-site network installation. It returns an object that contains information such as the site title, description, and URL, among other things.

The function takes a single parameter: the ID of the site you want to retrieve information for. If you omit this parameter or pass a value of zero, the function will return information about the current site.

Here’s an example usage code:

$blog_details = get_blog_details(1);

echo 'Site name: ' . $blog_details->blogname;
echo 'Site description: ' . $blog_details->blogdescription;
echo 'Site URL: ' . $blog_details->siteurl;

In this example, we are retrieving information for the site with an ID of 1. We then use the returned object to display the site name, description, and URL.

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