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Function Name: esc_attr_e

WordPress is a popular platform for developing websites, and it’s very common to use various functions to manipulate data. One of the most commonly used functions is esc_attr_e. This function is used to protect against security vulnerabilities that can occur when user input is not properly sanitized.

The purpose of esc_attr_e is to escape a string for safe use in an HTML attribute. This function takes a string as input, and then applies the appropriate escaping function to the string. It ensures that any special characters are properly encoded so that they can’t be used to execute code or perform other malicious activities.

The "e" at the end of the function name stands for "echo". This means that the modified string is echoed onto the page, rather than being returned as a value.

Here is an example code showing the usage of esc_attr_e:

    $input = "Hello, <script>alert('World');</script>";

This code will output "Hello, <script>alert(‘World’);</script>" on the page, instead of executing the script.

Overall, esc_attr_e is a very useful function for WordPress developers who want to ensure that their websites are secure and free from vulnerabilities caused by unsanitized user input.

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