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Function Name: date_i18n

WordPress is a global platform, and it’s important to make sure that your website’s date and time are set up correctly to cater to your audience’s time zone. That’s where the date_i18n() function comes in. This function is used to display the date and time of the current WordPress site, based on the specified date format and time zone.

The "i18n" in the function name stands for "internationalization." The date_i18n() function is used to display the date in a way that is appropriate for the current user’s language and location settings.

The function takes two parameters: the first is the date format you want to use, and the second is the timestamp. If you don’t specify a timestamp, the function will use the current time. You can use any of the standard PHP date format characters to specify the date format.

Here’s an example of how to use the date_i18n() function:

$current_time = date_i18n( 'F j, Y g:i a', time() );
echo $current_time;

In this example, we’re using the date format string ‘F j, Y g:i a’ to display the current time in the format of "Month Day, Year Hour:Minute AM/PM". The function call to time() is used to pass the current time as the second parameter.

This function is particularly useful when working with international clients or when you need to make sure that your website’s visitors see the correct date and time.

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