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Function Name: current_action


The current_action function is a WordPress function that is used to retrieve the current action being performed on a WordPress page or screen. It is commonly used within WordPress plugins or themes to determine the current action being performed by the user.

This function returns the current action as a string. An action can be thought of as a specific event or task that the user is performing, such as submitting a form, clicking a button, or navigating to a specific page.

The current_action function is particularly useful when you want to conditionally perform certain actions or display specific content based on the current action. For example, you can use it to determine whether a form has been submitted, and then take appropriate actions based on that.

Example Usage:

$current_action = current_action();

if ($current_action === 'submit_form') {
    // Perform actions specific to form submission
    // ...
} elseif ($current_action === 'delete_post') {
    // Perform actions specific to post deletion
    // ...
} else {
    // Perform default actions
    // ...

In this example, the current_action function is used to retrieve the current action being performed. Then, based on the value returned, different actions can be taken accordingly.

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