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Function Name: add_theme_support

Explanation: The add_theme_support function in WordPress is an essential tool for theme developers. It allows you to add various features and functionalities to your theme. By utilizing this function, you can declare support for specific WordPress features, such as post thumbnails, custom background, custom header, and much more.

When you add theme support for a particular feature, it ensures that your theme is compatible and ready to take advantage of that feature. For example, if you want to enable post thumbnails in your theme, you can use add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’) to declare support for it. This will enable the "Featured Image" option in the WordPress editor and provide the necessary functionality to display and manage post thumbnails.

Example Usage Code:

// Enable post thumbnails in your theme

// Enable custom logo in your theme

// Enable selective refresh for widgets in your theme

In the code snippet above, we have three examples of using the add_theme_support function. The first line adds support for post thumbnails, allowing you to use featured images in your posts. The second line enables the option to upload a custom logo for your theme. Lastly, the third line enables selective refresh for widgets, ensuring smooth and efficient updates when editing widget areas.

By using add_theme_support, you can enhance the functionality of your WordPress theme and provide a better user experience for your website visitors.

Note: It’s important to check the WordPress documentation to see the complete list of features and functionalities that can be supported using the add_theme_support function.

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