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Function Name: activate_plugin

Explanation: The activate_plugin function is a WordPress core function that is used to activate a specific plugin. When a plugin is activated, it means that its functionality will be enabled and made available on the WordPress website.

This function takes the plugin file path as its parameter and activates the plugin associated with that file. It performs a series of actions to properly activate the plugin, including checking if the plugin is already active, executing activation hooks, and updating the active_plugins option in the WordPress database.

Usage: To activate a plugin using the activate_plugin function, you need to provide the path to the plugin file as a parameter. Here’s an example code snippet demonstrating the usage of this function:

$plugin_file = 'path/to/plugin/plugin-file.php';

In this example, the function activate_plugin is called with the plugin file path as a parameter. The plugin associated with that file will be activated, making its functionality available on the WordPress website.

It’s important to note that this function should be used with caution, as activating a plugin can have various effects on the website, including adding new features, modifying the appearance, or affecting the site’s performance. Always make sure to activate plugins from trusted sources and ensure compatibility with your WordPress version.

Remember, the activate_plugin function is a powerful tool to enable specific plugins on a WordPress website, but it should be used responsibly and with proper understanding of its implications.

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