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The WordPress function _x() is a localization function used for translating text strings with context. It’s particularly useful when you have a text string that appears in multiple contexts throughout your website or plugin.

The function takes three parameters: the text string to be translated, the context in which it appears, and the text domain (optional). The context parameter provides additional information about the text string to help translators understand the intended meaning.

Here’s an example usage code for the _x() function:

    $text = _x( 'Open', 'Button label', 'text-domain' );
    echo $text;

In this example, we’re using the _x() function to translate the text string ‘Open’ with the context ‘Button label’. The text domain is ‘text-domain’, which would typically be replaced with your own plugin or theme’s text domain.

Overall, the _x() function makes it easy to translate text strings with context, providing a more accurate translation for users in different languages.

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