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Eroan Boyer is an accomplished WordPress developer from France who has been creating and editing websites for over 20 years.

He decided to specialise in web performance, a path that culminated in the founding of his own agency: Agence Web Performance.

Now he uses his expertise to ensure top quality optimisations to his clients.

Eroan Boyer

Hi Eroan, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Eroan: I’m Eroan Boyer, creator of Agence Web Performance and front-end web performance expert.

We audit, optimise, create and redesign all types of sites presenting loading time and User Experience issues.

We have developed a special expertise in content sites, particularly those targeting Google News and Google Discover.

What’s your current workflow when starting a new WP project? Why would you recommend these tools/services/frameworks/libraries?

Eroan: Over the years, we’ve developed our own bootstrap based on WordPress, the GeneratePress theme and Gutenberg blocks. It incorporates everything we need to ensure optimum performance, along with a wide range of SEO and accessibility optimisations.

We work with WP Rocket, Yoast SEO and, for multilingual support, Polylang. This ensures that we are quickly up and running on new projects, so that we can focus on customisation according to customer criteria.

What’s the one thing you hate about WP development process right now? Can you think of any solution on how this could be fixed?

Eroan: The main weakness of WordPress in terms of development processes is also, in our view, its main strength: an almost unlimited range of possibilities.

You can pretty much do whatever you want with the templates, and the result is a site that sometimes looks a bit shaky. Greater rigor in the expected code would enable an overall improvement in theme quality.

How do you keep your WP skills up to date?

Eroan: The WordPress newsletter for developers is an inexhaustible source of information. Every week, it shares the latest developments, features and tools made available by the development teams.

At the agency, we also make extensive use of the GeneratePress support forums. But our most important area of monitoring is web performance, where one site is the authority in terms of documentation:

How do you think AI is going to change the daily lives of WP devs?

Eroan: Artificial intelligence is a great tool for WordPress developers. It can be used to develop increasingly complex components of a theme or extension very quickly.

We already use it regularly, and are often amazed by the quality of the code we return!

Do you contribute to WordPress? If so, how? Any tips for anyone who wants to contribute the way you do?

Eroan: We are official contributors for translations into French, our native language. There are still too many plugins and themes, even very popular ones, that don’t offer translations. We’re one of the main translators of the GeneratePress theme and GenerateBlocks plugin, which we use on a daily basis.

To get started with translation, it’s essential to consult the many tools provided by the translation teams.

The first step is to contact an active member of your language team and join the Slack channel to introduce yourself. Then, practice will do the rest.

Thanks Eroan, for sharing your time, expertise and insights with us. You leave us with a better understanding of your work and devotion when it comes to helping your clients.

Definitely, your journey could serve as an inspiration to both aspiring and seasoned web developers alike.

You can follow Eroan’s work on social media:

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