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Class Name: WP_List_Table

In WordPress, the WP_List_Table class is a powerful tool that is used to create and display a list of data in a tabular format. It provides a standardized way to generate sortable, filterable, and paginated tables that are commonly found in the admin area of WordPress.

The WP_List_Table class serves as a foundation for creating custom tables that display various types of content such as posts, users, comments, and more. It provides a set of methods and properties that handle the rendering of the table, as well as handling actions like sorting, filtering, pagination, and bulk actions.

By extending the WP_List_Table class, developers can define the columns to be displayed in the table, the data to be populated, and even customize the actions available for each row. This makes it easier to create custom views and reports within the WordPress admin, tailored to specific needs.

Example Usage:

// Define a custom class that extends WP_List_Table
class My_Custom_Table extends WP_List_Table {

    // Define the columns for the table
    function get_columns() {
        return array(
            'column_1' => 'Column 1',
            'column_2' => 'Column 2',
            'column_3' => 'Column 3',

    // Fetch the data to populate the table
    function prepare_items() {
        // Implement your logic to fetch the data here
        $data = array(
                'column_1' => 'Data 1',
                'column_2' => 'Data 2',
                'column_3' => 'Data 3',
            // Additional data rows...

        $this->items = $data;

    // Render the table columns
    function column_default( $item, $column_name ) {
        switch ( $column_name ) {
            case 'column_1':
            case 'column_2':
            case 'column_3':
                return $item[ $column_name ];
                return 'N/A';

// Create an instance of the custom table class
$table = new My_Custom_Table();

// Prepare the table items and display it

In the above example, we define a custom class My_Custom_Table that extends the WP_List_Table class. We override the get_columns, prepare_items, and column_default methods to define the table columns, fetch the data, and render the columns respectively. Finally, we create an instance of the custom table class, prepare the items, and display the table in the WordPress admin area.

By utilizing the WP_List_Table class, developers can easily create dynamic and interactive tables within their WordPress plugins or themes, providing powerful data visualization capabilities.

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