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The WP_Http class is a core WordPress class that provides a set of functions for making HTTP requests. It is used extensively throughout WordPress to send and receive data from remote servers.

The class uses the PHP cURL library by default but can also use streams or fsockopen as a fallback. This means that the WP_Http class can work on almost every server configuration.

Developers can use the WP_Http class to make HTTP requests in their plugins or themes. This includes sending GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests. Developers can also set various request parameters, such as headers, body, and cookies.

Here is an example usage code for the WP_Http class:

$request = new WP_Http;
$url = 'https://www.example.com';
$response = $request->get( $url );
if ( ! is_wp_error( $response ) && $response['response']['code'] == 200 ) {
    $body = $response['body'];
    // Do something with the response body

In this example, we create a new instance of the WP_Http class and set the URL we want to make a request to. We then use the get method to make a GET request to the URL and store the response in the $response variable. We then check if the response is a WP_Error object and if the response code is 200, indicating success. Finally, we can access the response body and do something with it.

Overall, the WP_Http class is a key part of WordPress and essential for developers who need to make HTTP requests in their plugins or themes.

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